Excellence with integrity

Tola Contractors Nigeria Limited (RC 321,590), since October 1997 has positioned herself to meet the ever increasing demands on the Engineering construction industry.

Our Competitive Advantage.
We uphold moral and engineering best-practices in our operations. We provide equal employment opportunities for all genders. We spread our root across tribes, regions and cultures. We ensure mutual benefits for business and communities where we work. 
Civil/Structural Engineering Design and Construction


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Tola Contractors
… Excellence with integrity

Tola Contractors was registered in May 1994 and started serving large and small business concerns both in the private and public sectors of the Nigerian economy in 1996. Tola Contractors’ success over the years has been due to her faith in and emphasis on quality performance, client satisfaction, and high caliber resources base, which she readily deploys whenever required, thereby making contracting a viable option

At Tola Contractors Nigeria Limited (TCNL), we employ efficiency communication through several channels and delineated duty specification for each personnel. The result is an efficient workforce with mutual trust and confidence such that there is a corporate will to work with the future in focus.


“Satisfactorily completed on Schedule.”

Deeper Life High School, Abuja

Tola Contractors has been my partner in progress for about 20 years. Each job done by Tola Contractors has been top quality. As a busy man, I simply agree with the scope of work and price and Tola Contractors delivers to the spec in the contract. None of his completed works has suffered any setbacks. I will recommend Tola Contractors to any person that values quality work at an affordable price.

Augustine Igwegbe
“Completed in time and acceptable standards.”
Standard Testing and Inspection Service

Tola Contractors Nigeria Limited is the best when it comes to quality, sincerity, and integrity.”

Mr. Alex Nsidibe

My property is seven and half years old, it was built in 2015 and It is a good build. We have not had any major repair.”

Mrs. Oyedijo Ayo-Famola


With our client value system, we go beyond customer satisfaction to building lasting relationships

Working together with a uniform purpose, mutual trust and cooperation are hallmarks of Tola Contractors Nigeria Limited workforce

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